TurboGrafx Getting all worked up for a weekend!!

The tension is building. I feel a Turbo Grafx 16 & PC Engine weekend Marathon itching in my bones. I won't have a weekend free before Christmas. Rats!! So it looks like early Christmas Eve morning will be the day!! What a way to enter the Christmas celebration!! I will be up around 5 or 5:30AM. Mah ha ha ha!! I will be getting together my line up and lay out my plans as that day approaches.

Retro's Rules For Gaming Marathons!!!
1. You must max out the lives and continues for each particular game. If it has that feature, or option.
2. When you run out of lives and continues move on to the next game on your list. No starting over.
3. You must break for pizza, or ice cream.
4. Have awesome fun!!
Sounds like fun. My daughter and I do something similar when we decide we want to spend the day geeking out over games. We'll either pick a game one of us owns or go buy something just for the marathon and play it until we beat it. The last one was Adventure Time: Hey Ice King Why'd You Steal Our Garbage for the 3ds. I was so shocked with that game, it was basically an homage to Zelda 2 and I had a blast playing it. It's successor is supposed to be more of a hack and slash with a Gauntlet feel to it so I bought that for her for Christmas and I'm sure we'll be tag teaming it in the near future.
Jun 2004
I had a day last winter where Renee and I went through the PS3 games and played every one for at least thirty minutes before moving to the next. I think that she might have broken Little Big Planet (or at least found an off-the-map glitch).

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