GI Joes

Anyone ever play with GI Joes as a kid or collect them as an adult kid?

My house turned 15 years old this month and I was doing some much needed renovations and just happened to move crap out of my storage closet and found several boxes of GI Joes that i'd transferred from my parents attic to my closet when I moved out. The boxes hadn't been touched in 15 years and the gi joes inside went back another 15 years. I found duke, bazooka, quick kick, alpine, raptor, snake eyes, firefly, storm shadow, wet suit, lifeline, zandar, zarana, a pogo, a buzzboar, the snow kat, parts of my old killer whale, a near complete moray, tons of other vehicle parts and figures I've not dug through yet.

I was shocked I could name as many as I did. I couldn't tell you my last girlfriend's birthday, how old she was, or what her original hair color even was, but I can rattle off names of little army men I played with 30 years ago and hadn't seen in 15...
Jun 2004
Wow, I bet that if I scrounged around my old room at my parents' house, I would find my old favorites... Alley Viper, Night Viper, Frag Viper, and the Hiss III tank!
Hmmmm....I will confess a guilty pleasure. I have been picking up the 8" GI Joe's at indoor yard sales for around a $1 each. I have used them for experimenting with stop motion animation. Here is my stash.

I have yet to find any weapons. What do they do with them?