Neo Geo CD Good places to buy Neo Geo CD Games online?

Hi all :)

I just wanted to know if any of you know any good places to buy Neo Geo CD games online? (besides the egameaddiction store)

(mainly talking online stores, but if you want to mention another type of place go ahead)

(P.S.: They don't need to have a TON of Neo CD games available to be mentioned, tho that certainly doesn't hurt ^_^)

Also, you don't have to have ordered from a specific online store yourself to mention them, BUT...

If you have ordered from an online store (or know others who have), impressions on how the transaction went are always welcome. :)


I have mostly purchased mine from eBay. Amazon has had a few occasionally too. I have most been able to gradually expand my own personal library for a few dollars at a time. Well except for something like Last Blade 2, but a game like that is an exception. I have yet to shell out for Metal Slug 1 or 2, I want them badly.

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