Sega Genesis gunstar heros!

has anyone else played this game. a game similar to metal slug but much better. why didn't they make a sequel? :?

in my opinion and my friend who i played hundreds of hours with this game gets a perfect score.
Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Re: gunstar heroes!

because it's made by Treasure...Treasure is like a ghost...appears you a gift....and disappears....if you like that game, try the GameGear version as well

btw you got a lil typo ;) it's "Gunstar Heroes"
Oct 2004
Some people reckon rapid reload on the PS1 is a sort of sequel..but its not a patch on GH.

If you like treasure stuff you should really check out Alien Soldier on the md..kinda like gunstar heroes but just boss fights (a la darius alpha)..and of course guardian heroes on the saturn:)
I own a copy of Gunstar Heroes for the Genesis now and the game is so totally awesome!. Their is one easy mid-boss in Gunstar Heroes from Alien Soldier. :) 8)

Gunstar Super Heroes for the GBA is available in stores now. :) 8)