Halo: Master Cheif Collection for Xbox One

Jun 2004
343 is putting Halo: CE Anniversary, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4 all into one combined package to be released for Xbox One!

Read about it here:

Jun 2004
That may be a decent way to go since Halo 2 was released on PC back in the Vista days. I think Deathmonkey's room mate got an Xbox One for Titanfall. That is not really system exclusive though.
May 2004
Did you ever get this??

EDIT: I guess you did per the other topic haha. Do you still play Master Chief Collection? I haven't played for a while because for the first 2-3 months it was just so glitchy.
direction... story... Halo had these things?

I was lost when in like 3 or reach you (presumable as master chief) were over ran at the end of the game. after that I just played to shoot things
Jun 2004
A lot of the story took place outside of the game via books and comics. They're pretty good actually. Maybe not as much if you don't like Halo, though.

But basically, the main thing that turned me off was that in Halo 4, Cortana sacrificed herself for Master Chief, the good of humanity, etc. And then in Halo 5 she came back as the villain. It was just...not cool. And wasted the meaning of what she did in 4.
I like a well placed face-heel turn.

Code Geass, Death Note, Gundam (Seed I think), freaking Star Wars- all have had extremely likeable characters go to the dark side.

An effective villain creates emotion that even the hero can't (outside of dying and that rarely happens outside of a martyr scenario at the very end of the book, film, etc). That emotion sells the conflict, investing you in the story. Betrayal is a powerful mechanic in creating emotion and to many people is more relatable than say the acts of a homicidal maniac. I've never been affected by a murder or a holocaust but I have had a significant other go from best friend / biggest part of my life status to sleeping with some rando she just met, not only completely ending the relationship but completely rearranging my life's direction. The thought of her evokes much more emotion than even my ex-fiancé who chose drugs over the two children we had together.

Needless to say I hate a good guy I like goes bad but it generates so much emotion that I'm into that story, I consume it.

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