Neo Geo Pocket Happy 10th birthday Neo Geo Pocket Color! (August 6th, 1999 to August 6th 2009)

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I have all but three of those Perfect Ten Must Have Games. I have never seen the Rockman available or it would be in my collection. And the Sonic game IS a must have game for this little system. I would add to that list a few more to round it out to being more than perfect with King of Fighters R2, Samurai Shodown 2, and Neo Turf Masters. I went out and searched for this system when I first read about it. I finally found it at a local Toys-R-Us. I had the game it came with, Sonic, went out and purchased Metal Slug First Mission the following week. Went back the next week and it had been pulled from the shelves by SNK and shipped back to Japan. I was mad! It would be years later that I would find the system and games repackaged in a bubble pack and called something like Arcade something, just can't remember. I finally got a few more of the games from eBay. Some games are just very hard to find. This is a very enjoyable portable for anyone who loves Neo Geo games.


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Sonic is an awesome game... and I hate to admit I own it, but pacman is a lot of fun.

Biomotor Unitron is one of the ultimate Neo Geo Pocket Color games... absolutely amazingly fun. I have only seen 1-2 Rockman games available... but that has been a long time ago. Sad thing is... if you say Biomotor Unitron... most people look at you like your speaking in tongues. For those that have not played Biomotor... you're missing out on a great game.

I really wish the Neo Geo Pocket Color would've have made it. I still wish the original SNK made it and were still making games today. Technically they are... and I guess some of the same staff are making SNK PLaymore Games... but it's not the same.

Long Live SNK.

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