Happy new year everyone!

Well still an hour and a half to go here. I am going to bed. Been watching Russell peters comedy skits online but too sleepy. That is my exciting New Year's Eve. Just the way uh huh uh huh I like it lol. At home in my own house and kinda boring and quiet lol. What did u all do for New Year's Eve ? Any big plans for the new year or New Years resolutions or goals?
At my age, I get very tired beginning at 9. :lol I watch the old Burns & Allen show on a TV channel playing those oldie TV shows. Good old fashion comedy. Told the Family Happy New Year and then went to sleep. Did not move until this morning when I awakened. Don't worry I was in my bed. I did manage to stay awake until almost 11. I wasn't bored. I enjoyed the time.

New years day I will have me a gaming marathon. I will probably heat up the PC Engine, Xbox 360, & Sega Genesis.
I've got a big project at work going on so I didn't make it past 10 pm last night. My daughter came and woke me up at midnight scared because the neighbors were all shooting guns and fireworks off. I'll go in early today and stay late so no plans until Saturday and Sunday which hopefully I'll catch up on sleep and finally see the new Star Wars.
North Carolina, in a really nice, and for the most part expensive, town. It's just a tradition that a lot of my neighbors still practice.

I'm in city limits and fireworks and gunfire is extremely illegal but when everyone does it at the same time the police are powerless. I've actually got two neighbors that are Asheville Police.
Lol well it sounds really odd to me to be shooting off guns lol. But then again I am living in Canada. Not much guns getting shot here. I guess shooting off cannons or guns in the olden days was a way to celebrate stuff tho. Sounds like an assassins creed type thing

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