Happy Thanksgiving 2015!!!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
It is early Thanksgiving Day morning. Sun is just peeking over the horizon. There is a chill in the air and dew is still on the grass. I slowly zip up my flight suit and put on my gloves. It is not the first time I've climbed into this cockpit. But the wait is over and no more mister nice guy. It has started, the mindless destruction. Hordes of aliens have entered our part of the galaxy. Aliens travel in hordes folks. They don't sneak around at night abducting innocent victims to probe. Wake up people! Aliens are not that nice. They enter quadrants of the galaxy destroying everything in their path. And it is “always” our part of the galaxy! Why don't they leave us alone? Who do they think they are? You want to get probed and violated by an alien, fine! Go ahead. The only time I would rather be probed by aliens as my preferred choice, brace yourself, it's better than being at Walmart on Black Friday morning in the middle of those insane crowds. But me, first and foremost, I would rather be on the trigger side of a laser cannon. There is no screaming from that position, they scream. I call the shots. I yell out the victory cry. Maybe the battle ship I fly is nothing more than a prototype, so what. I only know one thing. I am the only resistance standing between them and earth. So go ahead and enjoy your Thanksgiving Day meal. I got your back millions of miles away in the deep darkness of space blowing up all their spaceships, ripping through their armadas, frying their guts, and causing mayhem among their ranks. Have peace of mind, I'm doing my job.

Happy Thanksgiving!! Eat like no one is watching and be thankful to the Lord for your bountiful plenty that He provides.