has anyone beat resident evil 4?

Jun 2004
To tell you the truth, my friend and I played this for a few hours one night, and I wasn't impressed. Yeah, it had graphics. No, it wasn't scary. No, it wasn't fun either. In my opinion, killing 10,000 of the same eight zombie models gets a bit old. Granted there were a few laughs from the unnecessary violence (trust me, I bought Doom 3 just for the mindless gore), but I don't think the game warrants a purchase.. I felt the game was too slow-paced and horrendously repetetive.

Just my $0.02 though.
Jan 2007
Homicidal Cherry53 said:
You're the one who beat it 8 times. :lol
I was just rolling over a lot and skipping all the cutscenes when I had nothing else to play. It took like 30 minutes to beat the game doing that. I also beat it on hard once. But Hines, you need to let the game go dude.