Heroes of the Storm

Anyone tried this yet? It's a simplified version of League of Legends or DOTA from Blizzard. It follows the same basic monetization principals as the other MOBAs but if you steer clear of the skins and play the free characters it's a lot of fun for free.

Its much easier than any of the other mobas I've played, which works well for me since my red-green color blindness causes me to lose sight of my hero when there's a lot of characters bunched up or on certain maps. There's no items to run back and purchase, everyone on your team shares experience so theres no level disparity, and there's really only four talents to keep up with. The games also take much less time, the longest one I've played so far has been 20 minutes.

The same frustrating qualities found in most MOBAs still apply, server downtime, crappy team mates, and terrible cooperation but the game is fun and a nice alternative for those like me who kinda suck at mobas and don't really play them for fear of getting flamed on the regular.
I couldn't get into dota. the learning curve is incredibly steep and the players are completely unwilling to suffer a noob. I've played it enough to realize I'd throat punch 95% of the players if I ever met them in real life.

The players are so much cooler than either the people playing league or dota, but the game itself doesn't seem to be as captivating. I've not played in since the end of 2015.

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