Hi there new and have new PSP GO

Jul 2012
Hi everyone, ive just joined this brill place. I have a PSP go,

came about an hour or two go.

It was to replace my PSP which has died, wont charge and wont

swtich on. So bf bought me a psp go. Ive been reading up about

them ( after it was bought for me LOL ) and my excitment was

becoming less and less as i researched them. However, ive been

playing with it and im acctually quite happy with it...so far

Although getting it on line will be a nightmare im not looking

forwar to! Ive tried to get my PS3 online and the only thing that

got 'on a line' was me ! Usual ip timed out. We have an orange

Livebox,which both our laptops are connected to, mine was a

nightmare to set up,although i did it (dont know how lol)

Ive been on the phone to Playstaion network support as i couldnt

log into my account dispite putting in the correct password etc. I

was told its because i havent connected a ps3 or psp etc yet. And

i cant do that till i can get passed the ' IP timed out ' error !

Kinda stuck

Has anyone got any tips for geting online ? Can i connect my new

toy to my pc to download ? Id love to hear from anyone else who

has one. I dont know anyone who has one. Are the game downloads

the same as PSP ? Or are they different for the PSP GO?

Im Sorry for all the questions !

Thanks for any help