Hot Video Game & Anime Girls

Jan 2005
Waco, TX
Joyling said:

Looking back at this, she looks too butch. Not so hot. Looks like a Puerto Rican chick about to cut you. Yet in the fan art..she looks like she's having a good time being a prisoner lol
Feb 2007
I watched Appleseed again today and Deunan deserves mentioning.
Also Jared Revy is anything but innocent as matter of fact the character is about as far from it as you can get.
Aug 2007
MegaDrive20XX said:

I'm adding ZOEY from Left 4 Dead. She's a hottie nerd chick, who loves watching Horror films, and packin' heat
And you get a plus for yuri. :D Creepy undead yuri is still yuri.

And I do believe I haven't added Kuukaku from Bleach yet!?

She is like, the hottest one-armed angry chick ever.
Aug 2007
Why does everyone forget her? :'( I can't wait for her to come back into the current arc all dramatic-like and blow stuff up all crazy with her full-chant kidou....