How come it says my gelfwings account does not exist?

Apr 2006
I tried signing in with my gelfwings account but it said that it did not exist?
In other news I have breath of the wild and it is huge and awesome and I have been playing sword art online in my phone a ton. I had been playing ffx a lot on console. Also in skyrim I was trying to cover the inside of the house I built with pies and donut thingies(including that bloody dead rabbit on a stump in my kitchen).
Also I got the last guardian and I slightly started playing that and its cool and I got horizon zero dawn the day it came out but have not opened it yet cuz u know......zelda breath of the wild
Lol. Well I always used your spoon matrix saying to recognize u by anyhow plus u get to have a pic in your sig so u can't complain too much. And now I know who the pic is of finally lol