How to Avoid Over Training to Maximize Muscle Growth

Pectoralis major. Biceps. Triceps. Unlock Your Hip Flexors Review Rectus abdominis. The four muscles that I had mentioned to you earlier are what men, and even women, look on a body. Body builders and individuals who are involved in sports have large and well shaped muscles. However, some of those take in steroids to increase their muscle mass. Now, what are those steroids? I will discuss it to you through this article.An anabolic steroid is a hormone that is related to testosterone. The androgen, testosterone, is the direct opposite of the female hormone known as estrogen. Anabolic steroids increase protein synthesis in cells, which makes the cellular tissues larger, which is very visible in the muscles. During the 1980's and even in the 1990's, several athletes took in steroids, which had been the source of controversy even in the 1988 Seoul Summer Olympics.

Most of the time, individuals who experience muscle weaknesses are advised to take in anabolic steroids, under the doctor's prescription. Person's who have a low blood count also take such, since it stimulates the bone marrow to increase the production of red blood cells in the body.However, taking in steroids will always have its drawbacks, even though it can increase your strength and muscular performance. Hypertensive individuals are discouraged to take this, since it will elevate blood pressure, and in return, increase the risk of a stroke. Incidences of cardiovascular diseases also increase due to anabolic steroids. It may even cause extensive liver damage in high dosage. Males will also experience reduced sexual function and even infertility due to this drug. So be aware of individuals who tell you to take these drugs.

It's not by any fault of their own, but many of us are born with skinnier bone structures than average men. Of course, the label "skinny" can sting over time, and you may feel the need to put on some muscle, both to look good and to improve your strength and endurance. Acai berry, that tiny grape-like fruit from the Amazon, can reward your muscle-building efforts. Here's how.Many people claim that Acai berry product is a weight loss product, and shouldn't be used by skinny men since it'll make them lose even more weight. Actually, that's far from the truth. Acai does make overweight people lose weight, but it does so by helping the body achieve its ideal weight levels. If you're skinny, then, you'll actually gain muscle and fat as you move on with your fitness regimen.

But does Acai build muscle? Of course it does -- aside from its high protein content, it also contains many other essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that the bodybuilder needs.Ever heard that 80% of muscle growth is influenced by nutrition, and only 20% is influenced by exercise? It's true! And Acai berry helps you get all the nutrition you can get from the food you eat by cleansing the colon regularly and thoroughly.