How to Get a Flat, Tight Stomach - The Best Secret to Get a Flat Stomach

They will almost always market their weight loss Fat Decimator System Review supplements using complicated words that involve "Cutting Edge Technology" to persuade you to buy the product. I have witnessed such terms like "Advanced Pro-Biotic" and "Detoxification". These words make the buyer impressed with how professional the product sounds and make the buyer purchase the product on impulseThey will design their product so that it will help the buyer lose weight BUT ONLY for a limited amount of time. After a few weeks the Buyer will often build an immunity to the Product so that the weight loss supplement is rendered useless to the buyer and they will have to purchase the next "top of the line Product" in order to lose weight.

They will actually be giving you placebos. Placebos are completely dud pills but to the unaware buyer the pill is going to help them lose weight. Most of the time the buyer will start acting like they are losing weight and will become more active as to help the process along. This ACTUALLY can work on some buyers but not all. This specific method is VERY cunning and is actually quite Genius.

I, like many people all over the world, have searched for the ultimate cure for weight loss. I've spent a lot of money that should have been used for every day bills and had to suffer the loss when these so called weight loss products have let me down. I started to do my own research on obesity and found out some very interesting things about the human body. What I found out was really down to good old common sense. You are what you eat! I decided to take out all the rubbish I would normally eat and only eat good old fruit and vegetables with white meat or fish. I ate small portions three times a day, the last being before 6:00pm. I drank plenty of water around 8 glasses a day and averaged about 20 mins exercise 3 times a week ( not much I know, but I'm lazy). What I discovered was if you stop eating all together you will lose a little weight but your body realises the shortage of food and keeps hold of the fat to fuel the body.

The idea I used was to trick my metabolism with small amounts of energy coming from the good food I mentioned earlier. After 3 days I noticed a 2 kg reduction in my weight and my body fat percentage came down 1% too. Why, you might ask? Well, my metabolism was burning fat at the rate of calories I used to eat before, so I was basically running a truck on a motorbike's tank of fuel and shedding some load on the way. I did this for 8 more weeks and my weight dropped by another 9 kg and my body fat dropped down from 37% to 31%. I started to notice a slow decrease in the weight I was losing after the 8th week and my ideal weight meant I needed to lose another 12 kg and to get my body fat down to an average of 25 %. I know I shouldn't have done what I did next because of all the money I lost the last time, but yes, you guessed it; I went back to the internet to try and find something that would help me lose the last bit of weight. I came across the usual rip off offers and bogus claims that you find.

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