are on your way you'll feel it in the evening that you realize once and for a long time I'm now for all that makes you feel masculine wrong is a good thing you're taking what you need to become a powerful dominant man and mind and body are changing each day you feel better than before lessons learned deeply become your permanent programming your life is coming under your control this is adult life and you're learning to realign make adult choices for adult reason you're free free to follow your own desire free to experience everything possible your time is now take time to notice all around you there are women looking for someone like you imagine looking out from your table noticing all around you is the world filled with opportunities for excitement and fun you're nerotenze surrounded by beauty and desire temptation and pleasure you're learning to see more clearly your mind command in your body obeys and do you feel positive changes racing through yourself flush cries out for you you finally feel free to be honest reduce them to be honest about you so you accept who you are now high society your awakening your imagination you're getting better at noticing your own fun your emotions

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