that's that one's funny which is why I highlighted it wrote what the fart this one's supposed to have it back on it though then I know that nobody's gonna like I posted the screenshots and I like outlines like where you encounter these problems is in like I guess like trying to calculate the digits of pi I mean that's not a really good example I mean you just a min really get to the point but of course if you're calculating digits of pi like what you're going to do is essentially like truncate like your calculation and then like carry it on and truncate your calculation carry it on and then you're like every part that you're calculating you're appending it and you're just like having like keeping track of the remainder and everything I don't really know how I've never really approached that problem so I think that's everything that I'm going to do right now just because I'm gonna buy each of these things a little bit different one like there's a lot of them o nerotenze n the unconscious but I would like to keep these that like it so that their topic oriented I think I think that's it I'm gonna go ahead and in the livestream and um I don't know how to do that how

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