in their own well I didn't have a clear answer because I realized that I was likely the only person on the planet actually thinking about combining these together that's when I realized the only way to find out would be to get my hands on each of the ingredients and try to create a formula of my own so I started looking for ways to get these ingredients into the US which turned out to be a lot harder than I imagined first I had to confirm that suppliers I was getting them from were trustworthy wh orviax ich was no easy task because I was dealing with a lot of shifty providers who wanted to charge me a small fortune for low quality ingredients but after two months of hard work I found a few suppliers I could actually trust and whose ingredients were high quality next I had to navigate the whole process of shipping the ingredients and getting them through US Customs which took another three months to actually do then I had to find a local manufacturer that was GMP certified because I knew from my research that manufacturers that follow good manufacturing practices are regulated by the FDA which means they have the highest safety and quality standards so when I found a GMP certified manufacturer I wasted no time and had them

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