your hand lift your hips off of your heels put your your left knee doesn't start to pop out in front of on your next inhale reach your arms above you keep your palms together exhale once again chair p rapid tone diet ose starting to make friends with this pose by now inhale your hands to prayer exhale twist to the right take your left elbow outside of your right knee gaze down between your big toes step your left foot all the way to the back of your mat this time lower your left knee down one deep breath in here one deep breath out here on your next inhale lift up your arms this is low Crescent lunge it's a little different because your left knee is on the ground take a huge breath in on your exhale make W or cactus arms so this is hard opening this is another thing that's going to really rev up your metabolism it gets your heart rate up begin to take your shoulder blades closer together behind you sending your heart forward at the same time draw the sides of your neck back push your elbows forward and fan out your fingers so you're already starting to open your heart a lot this is really elevating your heart rate think about a string

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