sure you're aware that it has a effect of reducing some of the jitteriness aspects of you know of caffeine by itself and that's our other products smart caffeine yo and ya know but bola crew is great I'm yo slimlook forskolin u know it's uh it's really good coffee I feel great after I drink it you know it doesn't have the sometimes when I drink coffee I just don't feel alright you actually noticed a difference from from bad coffee like yeah just when people listening I know I'm famous for talking about coffee and all that stuff we didn't queue any of this up we didn't plan this ahead I have no idea what Abelard or Justin's answer is gonna be here about stacking this and anything else so like this is just to biohackers talking about coffee just so we're all clear on that so you you've you felt a difference from like the quality of coffee changed how you're reacting and you're okay with stacking coffee with the ingredients in here I've never actually looked at what phenyl alanine and caffeine or coffee do together any oh well whew Melanie is a essential amino acid I mean a hard-boiled egg there's 700 milligrams of feelings so it's you know it's basically if you eat a hard-boiled egg you already took morphine well I mean then it's is insult abso so\

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