If your goal is to get muscle with greater volume, you should spend several hours in the strength room. According to Ørjan Utne, personal trainer at SATS Åsane, you should in any case concentrate on the so-called basic exercises. The best exercises are always those that challenge larger parts of the body, so that as many muscles as possible are activated simultaneously, he says. Utne recommends the following strength exercises: Squats - counted as the most important leg exercise and include several joints while strengthening the core muscles. Ground lift - an exercise that especially strengthens the front and back of the thigh, seat and back. Bench press - a very effective exercise for the upper body, which especially strengthens the chest, shoulders and arms. Other basic exercises - hang-ups, military press and standing rowing. By performing these exercises, you increase the muscles while burning calories, leading to visible and defined muscles. - The results you achieve are largely dependent on your starting point, genetics and experience.

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