Another question that affects the sex life of a pregnant woman is whether a sexual act can harm an unborn baby. In fact, this is just a myth, gynecologists even recommend sex during pregnancy, considering it quite healthy, noting the increase in a woman’s sexual desire in her first period. Some positions may be uncomfortable because of the abdomen, but a couple may try various options until they find the most comfortable position. Sexual intercourse should be stopped only Even despite the numerous assurances of many women that intimacy for them is far from the first place, as a rule, this is not so. Both young girls and older women need sex, even if the woman herself is not aware of this fact or does not want to admit it. Because it is one of the main sources of vitality, which regulates behavior, mood and health. What is useful sex for women? When having sex at least twice a week, a woman's chances of developing heart disease, as well as the risk of stroke, are reduced. The rhythm of heartbeats is becoming more frequent, blood circulation is accelerating That is, sex here appears as a kind of heart gymnastics. Intimate intimacy also contributes to the development of peripheral circulation, which prevents the development of varicose veins. Sex significantly affects the body's hormonal balance, increasing the blood levels of estrogen and testosterone. The latter not only favors sexual desire, but is also useful for strengthening muscles and bones, and normalizing heart function. Increasing the level of estrogen helps prevent the occurrence of heart disease. There are special techniques that improve the function of the bladder, but often people are embarrassed to do them, and having sex gives the same effect as these methods.

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