little that and I know other people that go through this - you're tired in the afternoon and all of a sudden nighttime comes it's time to go to bed and you're like this and you can't go to sleep and that would drive me insane and it's almost like the stuff is going through your head and going through your head and going through your head and I've always said oh my god I wish I had an off button just one I want to find the off button you know and a lot of people said well meditate but I do meditate renuvo cbd oil there's a lot of things it was the purpose dose and I put it right on the inside of my arm right here and I rubbed it in and I felt pretty good you know I felt really decent there's also you can add it to two liquids so you can do micro dosing or you can do the standard dose which is what I just did you put it on your tongue and you're good to go so some of the things that I have looked up myself and I have found that it's good for is of course sleep issues if you have sleep issues and why do you have sleep issues well it could be stressed so this also helps with stress because it brings your stress level down I just have someone tell me the other day Murray you know if you have a glass of wine before you go to bed if they say that it brings your stress levels down by thirty percent and I'm like yeah but that stuff is bad for your liver and I don't want I'm not I don't drink alcohol I don't touch alcohol ever so this stuff I found works better than that second of all is pre menopausal women if you're going through premenopause this has shown to really help

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