move on to the next exercise so this will be yoga burpees so what's different about yoga burpees is we're gonna keep a little softness and our joints to protect the joints and that hop at the very top of the burpees totally going to be optional I'll give you lots of different ways to modify for you so take what feels good let's go all right 45 seconds on is you jump back stay soft come back up you just go as intense and as fast as your body allows for this 45 seconds make sure that as y virilaxyn rx ou're hopping forward and back you're keeping your joints nice and soft that's the yoga part right a lot of great attention being paid to our joints if you want to up the ante you can add a little hop make sure that you come down in your hops it's a little toe ball heel keep on moving hit training is all about finding that threshold for yourself where you're pushing yourself beyond what you think you can do we're coming into the homestretch four three two and one take your hands to your heart just step side to side in these

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