Keto Ignite thinking that come Monday I mean I'm following it now I've started today I put in my half and half that's the only thing I've had today for coffee but yeah the scale has to go in the other direction but I really think Monday I'm gonna show another game so because right now I'm up what point it was one fifty four point six so I'm up another 0.8 from last week still got two days so we'll say and I really I'm gonna try to drink a lot of water today now my husband like I said I went he went and got me like a whole gallon of the diet lemonade from chick-fil-a one large lemonade and I need to figure out what how many ounces is a large it's probably 32 um it's one point yeah no problem I that's fine I mean that's a lot of liquid to have for one point and a taste of frickin good but it is it's really astounding when you start

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