Milanoo Coupon would like that she loves so I picked out the Paisley's and then she also sent me the Hat and camp pans so I'll link it below in case and like put all the names of the ones in the description but I got all these in a size 11 which is what the ones were that I tried on and the ones I tried on from TJ Maxx also weren't completely high-waisted which I really like high waisted I think the hatten aren't high-waisted no I think they were they look like they are the Paisley's are too so these are the Paisley's there was a couple pair on her site that I really wanted to try but they weren't in stock in my size these are the Paisley's and they have some distressing two on them which wait is this the Paisley's no wait these are the Hatton's I can't get it together because the hands are more distress so they have a lot of distressing up here on the thigh which is fun and on the knee on the other side they have like fray on the back part of your leg but they come up which I'm loving this style because it makes my

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