rosegal discount codes what I will do is I will just pause this video and I'll repeat this step and I'll show you everything ok so see you after some time hey guys let's try again let's see what happens I have updated that file and hopefully this time everything should be fine so again what I'll do is I'll how our appearances and click on import and the same thing run in portal choose file and I have uploaded this file I have updated this file ok so I can select this file now click on open click on upload file and import now select these thing the user dick McCoy your click on submit oh yeah so as you can see now it says Alden and everything is fine so that was the problem I actually deleted the website from which I you know exported that file so there was a problem and that is solved now we should have all the images now let's click on media and now as you can see we have all the images which we'll be needing you know in this rosegal coupon codes website we have all the images from the demo website which you have created so the thing and the you know now it will be very easy for us to do anything now again let's go to coupons and let's edit the one which we left so let's click on edit now let's scroll down and let's click on featured image now we can select any image from

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