Special care for normal skin Pamper normal skin of the face, give it a well-groomed and rested appearance will help the mask for normal skin. They can both be purchased in the store, focusing on the mark "normal skin type", and prepare yourself. A great effect in the fight for a beautiful complexion will give berry and fruit masks for normal skin. For example, mashed strawberries, combined with milk or sour cream - a recognized means to give normal skin brightness and smoothness. And there are legends about the peach mask in general, and you can often hear about the perfect skin: “like a peach”. Yes, this fruit is ready to share with our skin its inherent softness. Simply mix the mashed peach pulp with milk, and apply the mixture on your face for literally 20 minutes. Smooth, soft and silky skin after such a procedure is provided to you. Despite the fact that you are lucky to be the owner of normal skin, do not forget about caring for her. After all, beauty, as you know, knows no boundaries, and the pursuit of perfection is a wonderful desire for a real w the appearance of acne is associated with disruption of the sebaceous glands. The reason for this often becomes hormonal imbalance or irregular hygiene. Solve the problem of the appearance of acne will help traditional methods of treatment. Limit the consumption of sweets, fatty and spicy foods. Wash with cold water, preferably thawed or spring. It is useful to replace simple washing with daily rubbing of the face with an ice cube. It can be as usual frozen water, and ice fruit juices (watermelon, grape, and strawberry). Wipe your face with an ice cube with quick gliding movements. After that, wash with cool water. Herbal infusions and decoctions of coltsfoot, yarrow, and horsetail will help to get rid of acne. Their beneficial properties have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. Take 1 tbsp. chopped horsetail, fill it with 2 cups of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. Wash or rub your face with this infusion in the morning and evening.

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