Erotic massage techniques at home when you see the word "erotic", you unwittingly realize that it is a question of arousal of the genitals. As we mentioned earlier, this is not the case at all. The real method of erotic massage is to make your partner crazy and bring to a climax without touching your genitals. In fact, erotic massage covers the whole body. Your goal is to find a partner's erogenous zones in the indicated areas and to pay them special attention, without forgetting about a standard relaxing massage. Erotic massage techniques combine kneading, tapping, stroking, ice massage techniques, using feathers, hair, tongue and nose tip. And men often leave a slight unshaven and spend a little prickly chin on the back. Ice massage is a subspecies of erotic massage, in which the partner uses ice cubes. Holds on the neck, along the spine or throws a piece of ice on the chest, stomach. The main thing - an element of surprise in the middle of the massage and in moderation. A feather massage is the use of different feathers on erogenous zones. It causes a slight tickling and a wave of excitement. However, also adhere to the rule - everything in moderation. Excessive tickling will bring down the excitement of a partner. Both methods of erotic massage are sexual games and can be used with the caresses of the genitals. Erotic massage at home: key rules only warm hands! Alternate the classic massage with subtle touches of the fingers, which cause Goosebumps Never and never leave your partner's body, even if you reach for a bottle of oil. Provide this point in advance. Start an erotic massage with kneading of the neck and shoulders to relieve everyday tension From the shoulders, go to the fingertips on the palms on the inner surface of the arms and return to the body, then pay attention to the lower back and buttocks From the buttocks move to the feet on the inner thighs Be sure to play with your partner with feathers, ice and special sex toys. Listen to the body of the partner, find "those" points Erotic massage is a prelude, do not tighten for more than 10-15 minutes Use a mixture of aromatic oils - in the complex rapidly increase libido Throw away the embarrassment, the confusion!

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