In fact, what one person likes with the ears may not like the other. - eyes The second place in the degree of excitement of female curiosity to meet a man is the optic nerve. It is visually the ladies in the amount of 30% fall on the male image. Here they are just looking at men all differently. If the young person, then, first of all, assess the face, then the figure and the fact that bumps in pants as an indicator of male sexuality, then the girls who have little known the essence of men begin to visualize in the reverse order. In this respect, women are much more attentive than men, and if it is easy to fool those with makeup, corsets, and swapping bustiers, then there will be no such way for women. But even if all external realities are indisputable standards, there are still a few evaluation posts, which not every handsome person can manage to go through with a sports figure. - tactile Acquaintance on the tactile basis, as a rule, begins in dance. It is in the dance that the weaker sex feels the support of the strong and how it gives the impression depends on the desire of this lady to find such an acquaintance for herself. Many males do not give the dance the significance that they have for females. Yes, if you want to know, sometimes for acquaintance it is rather gallant to give a beautiful hand when boarding a taxi or leaving the trolley bus. A light but strong shake at this moment will convey at least thirty pages of all kinds of information from which a woman will understand everything you wanted to tell her. About 10% of women are delighted with the gallantry of men, which, on occasion, make it possible to touch their bodies, and if it is created for women's touches, then only one thought about this possibility will suffice - smell If men's noses mostly react to the stench, and they do not do anything for the distinctions in shades of aromas, then for 10% of women such things are dominant.

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