TurboGrafx Hucard Marathon!

Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
My Saturday morning marathon was in full force today. Limited myself to Hucards only.
Started with,
Alien Crush= 9,440,600 I'm satisfied, haven't played it for a while.
Parasol Stars= only made it half way through, embarrassed, I can do better.
Soldier Blade= made it to level 5, had around 827,000 before I was hit, wished it didn't reset the score at continues.
Blazing Lazors=What is it and me with level 5 today, almost lost it again in that level. 1,433,640 before a continue in level 6. Where I lost it all.
Side Arms: sad day, couldn't get my “game on” in this one today. At least I made it through the first level.
Ninja Spirit: ended the first half day with this one, arcade mode.
Then I had to break for pizza.... :)
Went back to Ninja Spirit, this is one great game.
Spent the rest of the afternoon with Bomberman. ::D
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I've had my breakfast. I've planned my strategy and its 7:00AM. Its time for the HuCARD Marathon! The Turbo Buffet! The NEC retro smörgåsbord! The Saturday gaming feast!
The Menu,
1.Vigilante: Here I come Madonna! Dirty rotten skinheads! And the guy at end of the first level, its amazing what a set of numchucks and a good swift kick can do to a big guy like that. I really like the way they did the graphics in this game. I have a hard time with the motorcycle guys in level three. And the guy at the end of that level, I get him just to the point where he is got just a hair of green left in his life bar. Aaaagghhh!!!!!
2.Legendary Axe: That big rock!!! Aaaghhh!! I think that sometimes there are some cheap shots there buddy! Blasted seahorse looking things! Or.... lizards? And really, I have never thought of it before, but this is the first time I can recall of bears being used as boss characters in a game.
3.New Adventure Island: The sound effects are great in this game. And just the right amount of difficulty here. I think that is why I keep trying this. Is that what they call an addiction? And your character has to have that fruit. Isn't that also an addiction?
4.Samurai-Ghost: How a pity you are. Is there some kind of power up system that I am missing here? It doesn't seem like those sphere power up things do anything for me. They just don't come around often enough. Game is still loads of fun though. There is some very good music in some levels, odd, but good. The Laughing Place is really weird! There is a snow level that has flying eyeballs coming from a flower. And the butterfly that turns into a lady is my favorite boss character in this game. It took me two days to defeat her according to the rising and setting of the sun and moon in the game. Love the giant worm in that one level. And those blasted monkeys and Samurai!!!!! It took me several days to reach that door!!! Some serious gaming went into this one today! Be Caution! Hate the spiked balls! This game gets really weird in some places. Love it! The final boss, just how many times can he change?!! I just did not have what it takes today. How a pity you are! This is one great game!! Too bad it receive such bad reviews back then. I purchased it anyway and I have always been glad that I did. Over 100,000 points here.
5.Galaga 90: Gotta love those bonus stages! Having a hard time with this one today. Been a long time. I received the lousy gamer award for this one today.
6.Dead Moon: bomb out with 396,500 points! Booooo Gotta try this one again. Fun shooter.
7.Air Zonk:This is more like it! Todays mood swing I guess. Love this game! Great fun. The eye candy here is so amazingly good. The parallax scrolling in some stages and the music, this is a classic. This thing has such a comic book feel to it. Almost 900,000 points. Continues ruin high scores.
8.Sinistron: Good addictive shooter here, just gets hard sometimes, like today. Just can't get to the end of the third stage! I did a whole lot better than this earlier this week.
Had to stop for Turkeyburgers. It is a shame that a gamer is subject to such weaknesses! :D
I'll be off all during the Thanksgiving Day week. HuCARD mania just may continue in there somewhere. I'll finish out today with a continued bout with Sinistron. Hee hee hee. (sinister laugh while moving eyebrows up and down) ::D