I Got Me an XBOX 360?

I saw two games that I wanted to play, Deathsmiles and Akai Katana, for Xbox 360. Then I saw someone selling an XBOX 360 arcade version for $30 free shipping on eBay. It has a 20gig hd and a couple memory cards, controller, and wiring. Everything should be here by next Tuesday, if not before.

My Daughter flipped that I would consider bringing anything Microsoft into our house. :lol
Welcome to the dark side.

Despite all the company's faults it's hard to deny their software library and the simple fact Microsoft just works with everything.

As far as the 360 goes it's probably the last console that I couldn't put down. I've been late to work, dates, ignored girlfriends, kids, etc. because of the 360. Other than ps2 my 360 library of games is the biggest in my collection and probably most played. Now that new consoles are out and the last gen is going out the games are cheap everywhere. If there's something you want to play its probably 10 or less somewhere, unless its new.

maybe this 360 will be a gateway console for you and finally convince you to gravitate towards pc gaming where your detest of Microsoft has most likely kept you at arm's length. Steam has its own os now AND is starting to show Linux lovers some favor, but still Microsoft reigns supreme.
Not sure if the xbox 360 has the games that would be my cup of tea. I need to look around and see just what is out there. I know this question has been exhausted in its discussion, but what games are better on the 360? And what games define the 360 in your opinion?

How is Fable?

Not sure I will ever have another computer with a Windows OS. I'm not going to say never, I have learnt that lesson the hard way. Besides I am going to have a 360 cross my doorstep.
there's a lot of anthology type collects where you get a bazillion old school acrade games (midway, Capcom, etc) that are fun retro wise. Fable, Halo, Tales of..., Mass Effect, Dragon Age (although much better on pc), Blue Dragon, Fallout, Batman Arkham etc, Red Dead Redemption, Elder Scrolls anything, Half Life 2 Orange Box, Portal 2, Grand Theft Auto series, Shadow Complex, and freaking Blue Dragon! If you dug pc a lot of these you'd already have access to and others are on ps3. Theres some good rpgs, some great bargain bin stuff (if you go to gamestop.com and sort by games and price you can start adding to your collection for a few dollars each). Some of those games you've got to be careful with, Halo 4 for instance requires a larger hard drive for certain things so you'll have to update the hard drive or attach a usb hdd. Even the hard drives are getting cheap though so you'll have no problem amassing a library and finding titles you'll enjoy.
I really can't believe the lack of love for blue dragon. it was one of the earlier titles and I don't know if it was because it took so long for the 360 to be available to the masses or what but it just didn't get the praise it deserved.

I really hope you like it its been a long time since I've played it and talking about it has me considering replaying it.

It did come early in the life of the 360 so don't expect the best graphics the system has to offer but its by far one of my most favorite 360 games.
The 360 was the beginning of the Bro status for Microsoft. It has roots in the original Xbox once Halo was released and then it became a full fledged FPS box by the end of its time.

That's why you're probably not going to find much love for RPGs or Japanese games in general. But those who did play it tend to enjoy it. I haven't so I can't comment but from what I've heard it's decent.
oblivion, skyrim, masseffect 1,2,3, dragon age, final fantasy 124343 all had overwhelming positive reception but I'd imagine the multi-platform availability led to more advertising and more awareness.

I remember buying 4 or 5 games during launch and being disappoint with all but the NHL 2k-whatever year it was and played that and Halo 2 and skipped over the next few waves of games (one of which Blue Dragon was in i'm sure) wondering why I early-adopted when there was nothing on it better than halo 2.

Or if anyone played that god-awful Kameo or Enchanted Arms first that'd turn most away from the genre.

so ps retro, steer clear of Kameo and Enchanted Arms, seriously, if you gave someone a dollar for both you'd wish you had the money back.
The games that I have so far. (system is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday) The two on the right are the main reasons I am picking up the Xbox 360. Two old school bullet hell shooters. I picked up the Lost Planet game from Gamestop for a $1.99 this past week. It looked interesting.

If your gamestop is anything like mine they're clearing inventory like crazy. When you walk in the store the entire middle floor section is stands of cheap games and bins of cheaper games. The really nice ones are still 20ish but games with a few years on them are down in the few dollar range. Its mostly 360 and ps3 at least in my area game stops. Theres this small wii area with a hand full of games but nothing like whats out for 360 and ps3. I thought with all the wii fluff there'd be more will cheap stuff floating around but I guess maybe the ET excavation site needed filler?
I got an Xbox 360 with the Jasper board. I used USB to do an update. It was only after I did the update that I was able to get online. It came with a 20gb hard drive and two memory cards. I connected an exterior hardrive, 120gb. So I have plenty of memory to start with. I can always get a bigger drive to go in my exterior drive case.

Games that I presently have,
Lego Batman
Eternal Sonata
Fable 2
Blue Dragon
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Transformers The Game
Ridge Racer Unbounded
Akai Katana

The last two are the reasons that I got an Xbox 360. This is enough to keep me busy for a while. But I will pick up some extra games as I run across something that is a couple dollars. This is the moment I love about this "inbetween" console generations. Grabbing up games at rock bottom prices. This is fun. :lol
While you're looking keep an eye out for Mass Effect (if you've not gotten it for another system), it's especially cheap on the 360 if you buy each of the three games separate instead of purchasing the combo pack and it's probably my favorite series in that platform's generation.
I picked up Mass Effect 3 yesterday for $4. I like the game, but I am soooo terrible at this type of game. :-[ I can't aim and shoot nothing. I am so clumsy and out of my element. I like the fact that it is Science fiction. My skill level with this type of game is newborn. :lol

I really like Fable II. I can get into that game and find it hard to put down. Blue Dragon looks like it is going to be great too. Some of the atmosphere of the game reminds me of the Dreamcast game with the space pirates (Skies of Arcadia). I am torn between which I want to dive into. Might have to rotate. :)
save mass effect 3 until you have 1 and 2 and work through those. The game saves and choices you've made carry over from the previous games and even if you're iffy on the action rpg type of game the story is worth playing the game for, honestly, with the right director the game's script could easily be made into a movie.
Under Defeat and Trigger Heart Exelica are both former Japan only shoot 'em ups that are on the 360 now. I loved them on the PS3.

I'd also recommend Guardian Heroes if you don't own it on the Sega Saturn.
Along with REZ

Too bad they took off Outrun Online Arcade. That was a great game. The Sonic and Sega All-Stars racing games come close since they're the same developers though.
retro junkie said:
What is this "if you don't sign in you can't save your game" crap? Does this mean that the individual out their that did not have an internet connection could not use this console? :mad:
What Tartrasp said. You sign in to your profile so that it knows who to associate saves and achievements for. It is not the same as signing in to Xbox live.

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