I hate...

Understandable. I would hate that too.

I hate when they do road works, put out the reduced speed limit signs and do no road works at all and you to slow down for no reason at all. So annoying.
MissScyth said:
I hate not being able to drink. :(
I chose to not drink anymore because my husband does not drink anfd I wanna be supportive of him, but I am not really supposed to drink much either becuz it interacts with my welbutrin and lowers the seizure threshold er some junk like that...tho I have drunk while on it before and nothing happened...but I am a real light weight so maybe u have to drink more then I did before something happens.

I hate when I feel down er depressed. I strongly dislike the fact that I cannot ever eat fresh warm white bread or jelly donuts again...I mean, I know there are gluten free kinds of stuff but they taste completely different and so far horrible...maybe I will find a good tasting somethingerother somewhere.
Oh, ya, I also hate when guys cut their hair off for no reason...almost every single guy looks better with long bangs, shaggy hair or long hair even if their hair is thinning on top er something, but I keep seeing people cut their hair for no reason at all AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! lol I also hate that jobs require short hair on guys or to cover up tattoos er not to have certain colors of nail polish etc etc.
I hate the 3g connection inside my room. Only 1 bar? but if you come close at my door, its 3 bars?! and my door is just a few steps where my bed is placed. XD

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