Sega CD i just got a sega cd but.....

well i just bought a sega cd with 7 games for under 25 dollars but it doesnt have the power supply chords is there a substitue ? or a replacement of sorts ?? please help me !!
Radio Shack should have one for you. When I bought my Sega Master System, I had to get a replacement power cord for it. With the exception of the Saturn and Dreamcast, any power cord should work as long as the milivolts are the same or higher (Ex: if your Sega CD needs a 980mv power supply, you cannot use an 800. You have to go with 980 or higher).
rossdh said:
Wikipedia says:

Positive tip barrel connector.
Requires 9-10 volts DC, 0.85-1.2 A depending on model.

With that said, here is the best I found on the Radioshack site:

I'm guessing you already had a genesis?
Dang. $35 for this? I went to a Radio Shack with my Master System. They looked at the power requirements and handed me one that said, "For the Sega Genesis and other Sega consoles." It was $17.99.

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