I just impulse bought a playstation tv

Doing some birthday shopping for my son I happen to look around and find the pstv on sale for half price. It was father's day a few days ago and that little turkey being born so close to it always steals my thunder so I convinced myself. I honestly have no idea what i'm going to do with it or why I even have it because I have no vita library nor do I have a ps4 (still waiting for that awesome bundle and batman just didn't do it and I missed the slick white destiny one). It'll be just another device on my network until I figure out what I want to use it for. This thing is pretty neat though, its about the size of a cell phone.
Just be aware, if you decide to pick up a Vita game, that not every game is compatible with the pstv. Check online lists first. I think that I might pick one up if the price is sweet. But I have not seen any around locally. The only thing that I have seen is the Sony Blu-ray player that streams PS3 games.
Whatever Sony's intent for this hardware, I guess this has turned into more of a peripheral for the Vita owners. While most reviewers on the net seem to consider the Vita a failure, the PS TV would only limp far behind. Only been available here in US for a year and tanking early. It has always appeared that Sony never has really known how to market a portable.
which make collecting on the psp cheap! I've got 3 or 4 psp's now, tons of games and a lot of the movies and I've not spent much at all. I'll find them at yard sales for 20ish in great shape, 50 got me a star wars psp with a ton of games.

The controls layout starts to make my hands sore after a while (games like god of war especially) so for pure playing Nintendo anything handheld is better, but collecting wise its much more reasonable.

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