Atari Jaguar I Need Some Game Suggestions

I know I'm not going to get a lot of responses but at least one good one would help. I have a Jag but not the CD attachment. I've only got four games:

Alien Vs. Predator
Wolfenstein 3D
Tempest 2000

I'm look for any good game suggestions you've got.
You have one of the few best games that the Jag has to offer, Tempest 2000.
I would suggest to add,
Defender 2000
Iron Soldier

The following is a matter of your own personal gaming taste,
Super Burnout
Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding

I sort-of like all of these games, but I know that some of these games are not just anyone's "cup of tea." If you know what I mean. Tempest, Defender, Rayman, Zool, Raiden, Super Burnout, and Pitfall are my favorites on the Jag with Tempest being at the top of that list. The others that I listed here fall somewhere under that. I have more games than this but there are some of those I would just not recommend, like Checkered Flag for example, pure trash. Many of the games on the Jag has a 16-bit feel to them, to me.

Themepark might be a good one, I don't have it, but I have read about it.
Doom is another one that I have heard is good.
Man, I think you just took care of one system with one post. I've been trying to find Rayman and Raiden but it's proving tricky if I want them complete. I'll add the others to my list of games to look out for. Thanks a ton!
Well, I think I found most of these on eBay complete in the original boxes which is the only way I buy games. Looks like it's going to be spendy but I think I'm just going to grab them all and then my Jag collection will be done.

Thanks for the info retro!
I had forgotten about Flashback and NBA Jam. I don't have them.. ... .yet. But they should be good games.
I have a very few games that are not complete. Only two out of the fifteen games that I have are not complete. The ones that I have, that are complete, I even keep the carts in their original plastic bags. Weird, I know, but for some reason it just seems right. I bought a majority of my games when local stores were having a clearance on the system. I've had mine that long. :)
And Raiden, if you like the game, is the most colorful of all console ports. I put it up there with Tempest and Defender.
Nothing odd about that. I do the same thing. I've been looking at videos of all these games and I noticed NBA Jam. It looks almost identical to the Genesis version, which I have. Raiden looks like the game I will like the most out of the ones I don't have from watching the videos. Consequently it's one of the more expensive games.
I've remembered another few games. :) Power Drive Rally is another game that I have heard is very good. It is an overhead view racing game. It is very rare to see it up for sale.
Also there is Zoop, unless you have that one for something else. Songbird put out some good games for the Jag and they have a hefty price tag. One of those games is Protector SE and then there is Hyper Force. I'd love to have both of those.
The Jaguar has more games than I thought, that are worth owning. It is the one retro system that I own so few games for. There are a couple of Pinball games out for it too. Ruiner Pinball is the better of the two is my understanding.

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