I Really Hope They Don't Mess Up The Ruroni Kenshin Film.....

Seriously....I'm terrified. I hear that Makoto Shishio is going to be in the film. I'm not positive though, but if he is, why would they put him in the first film?? You can't condense all of Kenshin's story into one film :?. It better be 3 hours long. I never read anywhere that they were doing a trilogy, so I'm assuming its one film. I really want this to be a great film though, Kenshin's story is one of the best there is in Anime.

Any thoughts?
Gelfwings said:
I did not even realize they were making a film! This is exciting! I hope it is super long!
Its very exciting, though you don't want it to be too long. I'd say 3 hours max if its only one film. I hope its a trilogy though. There are already 3 confirmed villains in the 2012 film. I still can't find anything saying that Makoto Shishio will be in it. I'm really hoping he isn't in there though because it will leave plenty hope for a sequel.
I believe it's coming out in June or July. I could be wrong though. A lot of people don't know that they're making one. I don't think its going to be released in America, so I'll have to find a way to get it. Its pretty popular though, so I'm sure the english subs will be there pretty soon, if not right away. My wife is hyped for it too, though a tad nervous like me.
Jun 2012
I heard that Rurouni Kenshin Live Movie will be showing in Japan on August 25, 2012...

I watch the trailer and it capture my attention it so cool...
I want to watch the movie at the big screen...
I feel it is very interesting...^_^