I Think It's Time...

... to officially declare EGA dead. I know I don't own the site or am an administrator but it's been days since anyone else besides myself has posted. I can't shut it down either but I felt it had to truly be said.

It's been a great run and even though barely any of you view this message board, I think I'll still be posting. Just in case anyone that actually passes by cares.

It's been fun. :)
I know what you mean, it seems like at least once a quarter an old member will post a "hey its been a while but I'm back" type of message giving some small glimmer of hope and then post absolutely nothing afterwards. If this place isn't dead it's on life support with little chance of survival. I'm still hoping for a revival but am not optimistic.
It's one of the reasons I'll continue posting. I think I'll just randomly post stuff that seems interesting to me. Maybe someone will chime in, maybe they won't. I could use it as practice for my writing or something.
It is hard to hear what you are saying. :'( But it is true. It has been true for a long time. I am not going to go into the emotions and deep feelings of how I feel about this place. There is not another forum that had the magic like this one, IMO. I am glad I was there. I stop by here every day, several times. I usually post when I have played a game and my playing is sporadic. Today on my way home from work, I stopped by the bank to pull out a little spending money and got a tank of gas. When I got home, instead of playing a game, I repaired the door on the utility shed, picked up and gathered limbs from around the yard. Got cleaned up and ready for the next event. Tonight is what we call burrito night around my house. I make home-made burritos and tacos for the whole family. Doesn't leave a lot of energy for playing a game tonight, at my age. Might be a little snoozing on the couch. I did get my handheld portable Famicom in the mail today. At this point I am going to save it for 4th of July. I plan on taking a week off at that time.

With that being said,

With an active forum, it would not be noticed if I was involved at home about other things instead of gaming and visiting this forum. I could stop by throw in my 2 cents and be on my way. It takes an abundant, diverse, variety of personalties to make a forum. What we have here is either a podcast or a chat room. :lol

I do maintain a blog and my facebook page. But a forum is interaction with others, discussion, & community. There seems to be a lot of visiting, but I am not sure what that is, spam bots? Like presently there are 28 visitors.

I to would like to see this place catch fire again.

I would like to be able to get my avatar back!!
I wish I could help you with your avatar. I don't know what happened there. But yeah, even though my game playing has actually picked up, I'm probably going to write about other things rather than games. I might start a blog, might just stick to Steam and write reviews there. Not sure yet, but until this forum is shut down, I might as well take advantage of it. I love computers so that will probably be the place I'll frequent most.
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Yeah, it's a shame that the new owner didn't appear to do anything with the site since he purchased it. I feel like it's only a matter of time that it gets taken down since I doubt it's economical to leave it running. That's why I keep plugging the Facebook page so we can at least keep in touch through there once this goes down. I check in about once a week just to see what's up, and always come if spam is reported just so it stays clean. I hope everyone is doing well. :)
Woah this was actually a bummer to read. I haven't been around as long as you guys but I can see where you all are coming from. Myself I just stopped posting and lurked for a good while until I just stopped lurking from the little activity. I've sold a good number of my games as well and honestly don't play the ones I do have as much as I'd like to. It's not even that I'm strapped for time I just don't have that drive to do so as much as I used to I guess.

Would be fun to get this to pick up steam again. I finally plugged my Dreamcast in again after a few years and it feels right. :p
It seems like about once every few months an estranged member comes back and posts something but more often than not they fade right back out. I can't say much until recently I hadn't been active for years. I've been welcomed back at least twice from absences that's been years in length. So welcome back, hopefully you stick around and start a trend.
Yes! Welcome back. Wish we had some incentive to encourage you to stick around. Sorry we don't have anything to handout at the door type stuff. All we have is community to offer. And wish that would start to burn again.
Thanks fellas! Been like 6 years since I joined and got pretty hooked on this place back then. I'd like to get back into posting with you guys again. I mean, I managed to make my way back here and not checking in like after the place is gone so counting myself lucky. Off to post in some threads any maybe post some new ones. :p
This site is apparently not even accepting new members currently. I tried to make an account because I forgot password and password to email account linked to my name but it said no new accounts were being allowed so kinda hard to keep stuff going if no new ppl can even apply
Wow, I didn't know that. But it makes sense. Whoever took over is nowhere to be found. Obviously not watching and doing maintenance. I wished that someone had of taken over the site that had a little concern for its future.
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CreepinDeth said:
That does suck. Was probably placed back when we were receiving a crap ton of spam accounts. Well, I guess this place isn't going to grow then. Just us now. I don't mind it though, but that's just me.
Yup, that's correct. We were getting spammed like crazy so new account needed approved by the admin.

Hard to believe that this topic has even been around for 9 months now. Times flying.