i want dead island 2!


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May 2004
jr_mcg said:
I loved the first one. Sure it had it's glitches and issues, but the overall experience more than made up them. I know the sequel will be even better.
I don't know... some sequals suck. Some are amazing. Why do you think the sequal will be better?

What did you like about the 1st Dead Island?

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It was a "pretty" zombie game! I was fun smashing face on the beach instead of in a dark cave or at night on some city street. All the zombie killing survival horror games rely on low light and dark creepy spots to help with their fear factor. This still faired well on the creepyness while staying mostly in a tropical setting.

other good things:

limited resources
I liked the fact that there were plenty of snacks and energy drinks laying around to keep your health replenished. You never really had to worry about it getting too low and dying. One thing I didn't like is the dying flashlight. That got frustrating.

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