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Jun 2004
So this game on's a short romp, hack & slash style game.. but more..

It has beautiful graphics, old school sprites, but in HD.

The music is fast and the gameplay is fluid. Upgrades are plentiful.

But, the narrator...the narrator will tell you to follow the arrows, even though he forgot that he programmed a dead end. If you disobey and try to make your own path, you may find money for upgrades, or the narrator may spitefully restart the level or even start you in a different one of his games.

This game is an entertaining romp. I beat it over the course of a weekend (bought it Friday, beat it Monday), but it has left an impression. I hope to see more of Icey (or Ucey)!

Jul 2009
retro junkie said:
From looking at videos, it looks like my kind of game. I am wondering if it is going to hit the consoles, digital download maybe. Better if it is a hard copy.
Already released on PS4 via digital. Physical PS4 copy and digital only for Switch will be out later though.

Physical PS4 copies are going to be through Limited Run games though, so they don't typically last much more than a day on their website if even that.