Is Luigi's Mansion any good?

Yes I loved it, it was the finest Mario spin-off. Still one of the best looking GameCube games out of the bunch. It just broke my heart how short it was, but it was so sweet indeed. I still strongly recommend it.
Mai Valentine said:
You should totally get it now. It's not hard to find and it should be pretty cheap. :)
Well I really can't get any games right now. My burtday is in a month and if I get too many games now I can't get much for my burtday >.<

I'm planning on getting TOS and RE:CV for the cube.


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I dig the game... it was a lot of fun. Once you beat it... come back to it in 6 months and it's fun again.

I think it was underrated too... very well made game.

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MegaDrive20XX said:
RE CV for the Cube is the director's cut of the Dreamcast edition (it was released on PS2 as well), Nick. So I would recommend getting that one over the Dreamcast edition.
Yeah I know, it's just the sega fanboy inside of me said that. Can't blame me, I have always loved sega haha.

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