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Jun 2004
I had never heard of Journey 'til the X-play 2012 year end awards show. Apparently, it was one of the most highly acclaimed titles released for the PS3. Its soundtrack has been nominated for awards too.

I downloaded the demo last night and played about 15 or 20 minutes. I am not sure it was only that long--the game is one where it is easy to lose yourself since it is so immersive.

Just a short time with the game is putting it on top of my list of games to get...

Anyone else played this game yet?
Jun 2004
After enjoying the demo, I put Journey on my PS3 list. I finally bought it this last week along with Flow and Flower, two other games from That Game Company.

After installing, Journey let me pick up my quest right where the demo ended. The game is low-key, fairly relaxing, but did have me saying "wheeeeee!" a few times. There are also some threats that are enough to make you want to run for cover. The game was very short though; I beat it in one night.

I have heard reviewers say that each new journey is a bit different than the last. This may be because as you journey, you randomly encounter other players online. It is difficult to communicate with them, but it benefits both players to stay together for a while.

The game has great graphics, great sound, and is overall a good buy for a gaming fix. If you see it on sale or in a bargain bin, it is worth getting.
Jun 2004
It is definitely an enjoyable game! If you got the hard copy, it is likely packaged with Flow and Flower. I did not care much for Flow, as it is like the first five minutes of the PC game, Spore. Flower, however, is fun and relaxing!
What an awesome magnificent game. I am loving every minute of it. At one point there another character like mine, was that someone else playing with me online?
The game came packaged with 5 other games by the same group.
Jun 2004
Yeah, you will randomly encounter other players in your game. Those are other players journeying as well. You cannot communicate with them, but sometimes collaborating (following each other) is pretty helpful!
Journey is one awesome game, even though it is short, yet satisfying. I need to sit down and play it through just exploring. This is really the best gaming experience I have had since ICO on the PS2. From some of the things, that some people have said about it, there are individual gamers out there that, just don't "get it." I like this departure from the norm to shake us out of our complacent expectations for what we call "gaming." Even though I do enjoy some of the traditional genres. We need more innovative creativity like this to stir up ideas among developers of possibilities in gaming. I hope there are more of the indie developers that will step out with stuff like this. I think they could have an influence.
Jun 2004
Oh yeah, part of what makes Journey unique is its simplicity. I mean, the graphics and physics are solid, but the absolute lack of communication and very direct goal of journeying to the mountain are just such a nice departure.

It is a very satisfying quest without the normal power ups, weapons, experience points, etc. that many games have come to have.
I just pulled this out and replayed this game. I am finding out that this game is meant to be played over and over again. I seem to find a new route with every play. There is depth here that seems to be in a different way. Every gaming experience is different.
Jun 2004
I haven't gone on a Journey in a while. I do think that it is so unique with today's online environments that this game is meant to be played in a way where you meet other players without ever talking to them, yet you can finish a journey together.
there's so much positivity surrounding this game, but artsy games usually don't do it for me. I try to break free of the stereotypes and play something other than the same old rescue the princess, race, shoot, hack / slash, but it just doesn't work out.

is this a game I should play anyway?
Yes this is a game you should play! At least give it a try. I wouldn't classify it as being artsy. More of a game of exploring with story elements without words. I would place this right up there with Ico. I need to play it again.
Jun 2004
Nice Journey cosplay!!

I just saw the PS3 package of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. I am still wondering if those are games I should get. Wasn't there a Genji game for PS3? I know that I enjoyed Genji: Dawn of Samurai on PS2...

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