Neo Geo CD Just wondering about NGCD

I was a bit curious about the whole NEO GEO CD systembecause I didn't hear about it till I joined this forum.  I do remember back in mid 90's ( :'( good old days) seeing magizine articles and comic book spots about the original Neo Geo system being the hot rod of the console wars at that time but I never saw the Neo geo Cd system in any kinda promo in the US. Did they just not have them in the US or did I just missed them or what? 

I did like the old comic spots about how you had the have these to play the NEO GEO system and the had a pair of steel balls next to the console
The CD system was more low key.

The Japanese Toploader CD system was produced more... I just think the CD system was larger in Japan and all.

There is a US system which is harder to find. There are also UK, Brazillian, and SUPPOSIVELY a Chinese system. Brazillian are the hardest to find... if there is a Chinese system... that would rank with the Brazillian system.

I have a Brazillian system... and I've only seen 1 other one via pictures from a member at another forum.

Is that what you are curious about? :)

Bv :hat
Well yeah. The whole story is that I found an old box from my mid teen years and I basically found everything from the mid through late 90s that I liked. I found my Bennie baby collection (worth $400 at 1 point), my digimon and giga pet, Pokemon cards and an old stack of comic books. I found my favorite issue of batman (were he uses the mechabat suit to stop superman) and I saw one of the old Neo Geo ads talking about how much stronger and faster it is than the SNES you would be a hotdog if you had one. That's when I wondered was there any kinda marketing for the Neo geo CD in the US or not? They took an aggressive market strategy with the first console I just didn't really hear about this one at all.
well.. the CD system came out later in the life of the Neo Geo... the market at that time wasn't as good for the Neo Geo... plus it was expensive. Sure, it was powerful, but there was a cost to it. Today.. people would shell out the cash (notice the Ps3)... but back then... people wouldn't pay as much for systems (at least IMO).

So in reality... the market was already low for the Neo Geo consoles. In fact, I've never seen the Neo CD advertised in the US... when I bought mine, I was surprised that it was out... never saw or heard of it until that day.

I believe there were US neo geo cd ads.... but I've never seen them.

IF ANYONE reading this thread has a US Neo Geo CD ad... please email me: I would like a copy of that ad if possible to host up on this site.

BV :hat
When I was younger, during the year of the playstation I believe, I came across the US Neogeo CD in babbages. I think it was selling for 799 dollars, but don't quote me on that. My memory isn't what it use to be. I think my parents would have bought it for me, but frankly I remember it being there and then literally being gone the next almost within months. So by Christmas, when I normally got all my stuff, it wasn't there to buy anymore. :?

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