Last Movie(s) you've watched?

Paycheck was okay but nothing fantastic.

Interesting idea but the part that bugged me was that Ben and Uma snuck into the building to destroy the future predicting machine and then promptly turned around and USED the machine instead of destroying it - even though Ben already had already told Uma the future. So by the time they finished using the machine, the guards had shown up and Ben said "Quick! NOW we have to destroy this machine!"

It was just stupid Hollywood logic and I hate when I spot it.
Saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I have mixed feelings about it. As far as the new director and everything goes, I think he's fantastic, and it's the perfect time to change the style, as the story starts to get a bit deeper and darker from here on. However, I had some beefs about the casting, and flow of the story itself. Also, there were a lot of panning "follow the object to get a dynamic view" kind fo scenes, understandable as the movie is supposed to hit Imax theatres, but unnecessary to tell the stories. All in all, if you're a Potter fan, you shouldn't be too dissapointed, if you're not, no sense trying to start with this movie...
I rented Party Monster cause one of my old girlfriends told me her roomy said it was good. I dont know what i think of that movie... Last movie i saw at theaters was, um, The Day After Tomorrow. And may I say, wow, wolves in NYC, awesome, heheh
Last Samurai was okay.....some nice scenes. And it was fun hearing Tom Cruise butcher the Japanese language.

Watched Funhouse tonight - a decent slasher film by Tobe Hooper, the guy who did the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (Which I'm going to watch this weekend)
I saw Dog Soldiers - it was good overall. I think it tried a bit too hard to have alot of "twists" and surprises - but it was a pretty good movie overall.

They're making a sequel btw.

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