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After reviewing all the materials and implementing their Power Efficiency Guide Review instruction, here is what I've decided: GreenDIYEnergy Guide Review Main Points: - Cost: $50 - Materials: 4 manuals (2 on wind power and 2 on solar power), 7 bonus eBooks on various green energy topics - Guarantee: 60-day full money back - Customer Service: available via email and customer forums One of the nice things about green DIY energy is the video library. These videos are professionally done and serve as great visual examples of what you need to be doing during every step of the construction process. They follow the guide as he constructs his own panels and he does a great job of narrating and explaining what he is doing the entire time.

The one thing that is lacking in these videos, is a video covering rooftop installation. I really would have liked to see a video covering the mounting of solar panels onto the roof. It is covered in the manuals, but not in the videos. Another solid guide you may be interested in is Earth 4 Energy. It is similar to Green DIY Energy in that it provides manuals and video tutorials about building solar panels and wind turbines. It has roughly the same amount of info and costs about the same as well.

I definitely am partial to DIY guides (mainly because I'm a bit inept when it comes to building things!), but that definitely doesn't mean that you must have a guide to build your solar panels. If you have experience with construction, electric wiring and soldering, you could definitely save the $50 and not buy a guide. Do a little reading up online about wiring, soldering and mounting solar panels and I doubt you will have any problem. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you luck in your DIY ventures! Enjoy your "green" transformation!

Although magnetic electric motors have not yet gained overall acceptance, they are just beginning to be widely known. There are currently many patents on these devices that create over unity power. In other words, these motors create more power than they consume = over unity. Recently and inventor in Japan has begun selling his magnetic electric motors locally, recently 40,000 units to a convenience store chain in Japan. His unit has a power output of 330% over unity.


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