Lunar Dragon Song

One of my most favorite games was Lunar on the Sega CD. I haven't played any of the Lunar games since, and feel as if I'm missing out. I ordered Lunar Dragon Song for almost nothing before I realized it was the worst rated Lunar game ever. Has anyone played this game? Agree with the ratings?
Jun 2004
Is that the DS one? Yeah, it's pretty awful. I think the big turn off was you had to choose whether you wanted xp or money from battles, or something like that. It's been so long that I don't remember the small details.
Dragon Song was on the DS.

Wow that stinks that it was bad, I was hoping it was one of those "misunderstood RPGs"

but on another order I got Lunar Silver Star Harmony which looks to have gotten rated much higher,

All in all I'm happy, I ordered a little over 140 ps2, psp, and ds games and have just started getting packages in. It's Christmas in august

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