Make your very own...NUKA-COLA & Amazing NUKA-COLA QUANTUM! No kidding either!


Oh and no Radiation guaranteed! :D

Nuka-Cola requires:

1/3rds Cream Soda
1/3rds Coca-Cola
1/3rds Mountain Dew (or any other caffeinated drink you like)

Nuka-Cola Quantum requires a little more work:

Nuka-Cola Quantum Recipe
Two drops of Blue food Coloring
Two drops of Red food Coloring
One Foosh "Seriously Caffeinated" Mint
1/3rds Sprite
1/3rds Mountain Dew
1/3rds Squirt! soda

Can you take the Nuka-Cola Challenge??

EUREKA! I got the missing element, CREAM SODA! Now we're ready to make the ULTIMATE FLAVORRRR


Oh, look at the shine! Mmm I can smell mom baking the muffins now, to go with this DELICIOUS GLASS OF 100% PURE NUKA-COLA ;)

What's that you say? haha! Even Vault-Tec Boy has to agree, it's the COLA OF THE FUTURE!

The ending results? It's DELICIOUS! It's got a rich sweet taste to it, creamy side, and goes down smoothly. It's like drinking a smooth and light tasting carmel soft drink. The Sprite and Coca-Cola balance it out. Yet I approve! :D

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