Sega Saturn Many here still play on their SEGA SATURN?

Nov 2010
I see it has over a year since anyone posted in the Saturn section, so was just wondering if many of you still use yours?

If you do. What are your fav games? and do you have any obscure recomendations?

I do actually use mine quite a bit, mainly for shmups and fighters. Can't go wrong really.

My current gaming list would be:

X-Men VS Street Fighter
Bulk Slash
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Radiant Silvergun
(still not mastered this game, and I don't think I'll ever be good enough lol)
Sega Rally (always makes a brief appearance)

My weird recommendations would be:

Jonah Lomu Rugby
(a seriously good game, and I'm not even a fan of rugby)
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
I've had mine out during the Christmas Season playing Christmas NiGHTS. I do pull it out occasionally.
I mainly play,
In the Hunt
Darius Gaiden
Panzer Dragoon Zwei
Daytona USA
Galactic Attack
Guardian Heroes
Sega Rally Championship
Night Warriors
Mavel Super Heroes
Fighter's Megamix
This list seems to be among the ones that I play the most.
Feb 2007
Kentucky, US
sk3tch said:
Did you see the change on xmas nights?

Quite good ain't it :)
Yes I did! That is why I pull it out this time every year to see Santa on Christmas day. If you pull it out early enough, you can see it snow. It is great seeing the time related events. This should have been included in the original game. :)
Nov 2010
Definitely. It must have been an afterthought for Sega, one they deemed too good to miss.

I'd love a new Nights.. game. One that captured the magic of that first one. Don't think it'll ever happen though :-(
Jul 2009
I wish I had Christmas NiGHTS. Hell I wish I had more Saturn games in general :lol

I have:
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special: Geese Howard Must Go
King of Fighters '95
Die Hard Arcade
Three Dirty Dwarves
Princess Crown
Code R
Fighting Vipers
Fighters Megamix
Street Fighter Collection

and I had Sonic Jam and Virtua Fighter Kids but they broke :(
Feb 2011
I play it from time to time. i currently have it at my parents house in my room so i have something old school to play when i come to visit! i also have a PS2 there! i have another PS2 and a PS3 here at my apartment.