mario party 10

I said I wouldn't buy another Mario party but lo and behold this one comes out with a reason for a grown man to buy action figures... so I got it and a few of the amiibos. So far I've played two games, my four year old won the first game, my seven year old won the second. I won at least 95% of the mini games and my kids still pounded me. The amiibo party at least is extremely reliant on luck. Other than playing with action figures I really can't see reason behind buying extra amiibos for the game other than my soft spot for Nintendo. I can't say much good or bad concerning the game as I've only played it twice, but my four year old has played it so much hes already got the menus memorized (kid can't read yet) so that's at least saying something for the games entertainment value for the younger crowd. I'm waiting for a weekend off so I can get in some couch co-op with friends and beers for more of a challenge (although I'm betting the kids will probably beat us).
We've played this a lot now and I have to say, probably the worst Mario party yet. The amiibo support does scant little, it is no more than a gimmick, and the game itself is very one dimensional. The pacing is terrible, the boards aren't nearly as large as other Mario party iterations making it seem like you're just going around in one small circle. The game would have been much better if it was any Mario party 1 - 8 with updated graphics.

The only shining part of this game is the mini games. They're just as fun as the others without feeling like rehashed ideas from previous games. The developers must have spent the majority of their time focused on the mini games, leaving the boards wanting.

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