Mega Man Anniversary Collection

I can't believe the availability of this game on the ps2. Amazon, ebay and gamestop has copies less than $20, I bought a brand new sealed on for < $15 shipped from Amazon. I also saw the Mega Man X collection for < $13 and purchased that as well. Both will be here Friday and I plan on having a blue bomber weekend, after I hit the flea markets and goodwills of the area. I've had some pretty great luck lately on finding comic books (I got a first print of the Killing Joke a few weeks ago that'll get high 9's from CGC) at a used book store and I'm hoping my luck will hold up. This will probably be one of the last busy flea market weekends of the year in my area and I've not had a weekend off in a while so I plan to take advantage.
No luck with the flea market or goodwill, I ended up staying home with a sick child. Amazon did come through on their delivery date and I've spent almost 3 hours playing mega man x trying to remember where all the heart containers, energy tanks and armor upgrades are. I've only got two more robots to defeat before sigmas stage starts and I've only found the dash and the 50% armor increase. Its fun but my thumbs are sore.

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